A new approach to auditing with people who understand what is important and what is needed.


In an effort to continue to meet our clients’ ever changing needs in the international insurance industry, Triton saw the need to respond to the increasing pressure on insurers from Lloyd’s and the FCA for accountability and regulatory compliance.

Our Audit service was established to address this complicated and growing area in the insurance services market. Triton Audit is a dynamic audit team, with a global presence and head office in London, with overseas offices in Deerfield, Illinois, and Montreal, Canada. Our London head office ensures that we operate a ‘hub-and-spoke’ model, where our clients liaise directly with our team in London, who then centrally coordinate the work of the overseas offices, so our clients do not have to worry about time-zones and can always pick up the phone to someone in London. In addition, London provides the quality control hub for all of the work that happens globally.

Not like normal auditors who just tick boxes