About Us


Who we are

  • Triton is the first truly multi-disciplinary, commercial claims organisation working with insurers to manage their claims across the UK and globally
  • Although it only came together in its current form in 2013, its constituent businesses and the people who work in them have many years of track record in supplying professional and outsourced services to insurers
  • It is a corporate business supplying a range of professional and outsourced services to the commercial insurance industry and policyholders
  • Triton also provides an advisory service to the insurance sector, exemplified by its worldwide Audit and Inspection team
  • It is entirely owned by its employees and has no external funding or shareholders

A unique service offering

As current market conditions dictate the need for more and more operational improvements and a reduction in overheads, insurers remain under pressure to settle claims more efficiently and at a lower cost to their businesses. Triton’s ground breaking business model has been developed as a direct response to the economic issues faced by insurers and the risks to which their policyholders are exposed.

Now, in a ground-breaking development, the commercial insurance market can benefit from a combination of services which seamlessly integrate insurance claims administration, legal defence work and expert-led investigation and adjusting.

The Triton business is a unique combination of skills, experience and technology that operates across disciplines to provide a complete claims solution for financial lines, professional indemnity, General Liability, Property and CAR books of business.

We are constantly developing new and better ways of resolving claims more efficiently and at less cost. Our philosophy is a twofold one:

  • seeking to share risk and develop innovative fee structures in order to provide cost certainty and value to our clients; while at the same time
  • retaining the levels of quality and professionalism for which our constituent businesses developed such a reputation

A worldwide business

In addition to the five UK offices, we are now present in six overseas territories as well. This is no accident. Our growth has mirrored the global footprint of claims and underwriting. Commercial insurance, particularly that led out of the London Market, shares the same characteristics and parameters around the world. Triton offers a uniform product, exemplified by its world-beating claims system, Claimsview, which is deployed throughout all its offices and which gives insurers claims data and MI in real time.

Our ethos is that we aim to provide a uniform standard of service from a Triton office, whether it be in the City of London or in Manchester or Chicago.

An independent business

Our business model is based on the principles of employee ownership.

We have for some time been enthusiastic members of the Employee Ownership Association in the UK. All our UK employees are eligible to acquire shares in the business within the terms of an HMRC-approved shares scheme, and most in the UK do so.

Our strategy is driven by two overriding beliefs:

  • the proven level of employee commitment that derives from the EO model, demonstrated in high levels of staff retention and loyalty; and
  • the need to demonstrate to our clients that we are a stable and independent business with no hidden controls or ownership or external allegiances.

We believe that this makes us a different sort of business, and one unique in the insurance services sector.